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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1626944: Huawei OceanStor 5800 V3: 'volume_admin_metadata' lazy load error Medium Confirmed 124 weeks

From: Ivan Kolodyazhny
Link: manager_new.patch


Bug #1370324: Keystone hangs trying to set a lock in Memcache High Fix Committed 239 weeks

From: Alexander Makarov
Link: get_server_fix.patch


Bug #1340711: [OSCI] building oslo-messaging for rpm and deb Critical Fix Committed 248 weeks

From: Alexei Kornienko
Link: 0001-Heartbeat-check-v4.0.patch


Bug #1337210: ISER is broken in upstream Medium Fix Committed 249 weeks

From: Nurit Vilosny
Link: iser_multibackend.patch


Bug #856764: RabbitMQ connections lack heartbeat or TCP keepalives High Fix Committed 250 weeks

From: Alexei Kornienko
Link: messaging.patch


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