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Anna Babich (ababich) wrote :

    - mirantis
  production: "docker"
  release: "7.0"
  openstack_version: "2015.1.0-7.0"
  api: "1.0"
  build_number: "252"
  build_id: "2015-08-29_17-24-57"
  nailgun_sha: "3189ccfb8c1dac888e351f535b03bdbc9d392406"
  python-fuelclient_sha: "9643fa07f1290071511066804f962f62fe27b512"
  fuel-agent_sha: "1e8f38bbb864ed99aa8fe862b6367e82afec3263"
  fuel-nailgun-agent_sha: "d7027952870a35db8dc52f185bb1158cdd3d1ebd"
  astute_sha: "53c86cba593ddbac776ce5a3360240274c20738c"
  fuel-library_sha: "f05b958ef318f70170fe0db71bffcbaadbc39ae4"
  fuel-ostf_sha: "83048d68609854324ceeaf04242e68d658cfb55d"
  fuelmain_sha: "0e54d68392b359bc122e5bbba9249c729eeaf579"

Verified on cluster: neutron+vxlan, 3 controllers, 2 computes

Verification scenario
1. Create four networks and launch two instances per each network
2. Run the script against master node:
# $1 - controller on what we should disable agents
#Disable/enable ovs-agents on controllers
ssh root@$1 '. openrc && pcs resource disable p_neutron-plugin-openvswitch-agent'
ssh root@$1 '. openrc && pcs resource enable p_neutron-plugin-openvswitch-agent'
#Restart ovs-agents on computes
for i in $(fuel node | grep compute | awk '{print$1}'); do ssh node-$i 'service neutron-plugin-openvswitch-agent restart'; done
# wait restart
sleep 30
3. On every node check that there are no flows with cookie=0х0:
ovs-ofctl dump-flows br-tun | grep cookie