Activity log for bug #1639923

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2016-11-07 19:52:16 Michael Turek bug added bug
2016-11-07 21:56:58 Michael Turek molteniron: status New Invalid
2016-11-07 21:57:02 Michael Turek molteniron: status Invalid Confirmed
2016-11-07 21:57:49 Michael Turek summary [RFE] Replace JSON blobs with new DB structure [RFE] Decouple Deploy Info from Nodes table
2016-11-07 22:00:55 Michael Turek description I proposed a new DB structure Currently we're using JSON blobs (ie - ipmi_ip, ipmi_username, ipmi_password) to hold the deploy info in the Nodes table. While this works, it will make querying slower and isn't very scalable. I propose that each driver type (ie - IPMItool, ILO, etc) has it's own table. A join table between deploy info and nodes will also be required.