Comment 84 for bug 1057186

The same problem exists in Kubuntu 13.10 with Huawei E173 and Dell Latitude E6430. Only storage is active.

See the following scenario:
1) turn on the computer, log in
2) connect the USB modem Huawei E173
3) The modem is not detected (see the following commands):
% lsusb|grep -i huawei
Bus 001 Device 005: ID 12d1:1c0b Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E173s 3G broadband stick (modem off)
% ls /dev/ttyUSB*
no matches found: /dev/ttyUSB*

To activate modem run:
4) remove the USB modem Huawei E173

5) Run the following command to load usbserial module (see correct vendor and product code):
# modprobe -v usbserial vendor=0x12d1 product=0x1c08

6) You can also turn on usb_modeswitch logging:
# diff /etc/usb_modeswitch.conf-ORG /etc/usb_modeswitch.conf
< EnableLogging=0
> EnableLogging=1

7) connect the USB modem Huawei E173 again

8) The modem is properly detected:
# lsusb|grep Huawei
Bus 001 Device 007: ID 12d1:1c08 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
# ls /dev/ttyUSB*
/dev/ttyUSB0 /dev/ttyUSB1
# tail -n 20 /var/log/usb_modeswitch.log
Mode switch succeeded. Bye.

(end of usb_modeswitch output)
Checking success of mode switch for max. 20 seconds ...
 Reading attributes ...
USB dir exists: /sys/bus/usb/devices/1-1.2
Warning: USB attribute "serial" not readable.
 All attributes matched
Mode switching was successful, found 12d1:1c08 (HUAWEI: HUAWEI Mobile)
Now checking for bound driver ...
 driver has bound, device is known
Checking for AVOID_RESET_QUIRK kernel attribute

All done, exiting

9) Now you can correctly connect using e.g. wvdial via /dev/ttyUSB0.

10) However NetworkManager detects the wrong device /dev/ttyUSB1
# nmcli dev|grep ttyUSB
ttyUSB1 gsm rozłączono

and it is not possible to connect the internet using the graphical network manager in KDE (Kubuntu 13.10), but with wvdial and /dev/ttyUSB0 it works fine.


PS. Sometimes running the following command works fine, but not always (I don't know why).
# usb_modeswitch --default-vendor 0x12d1 --default-product 1c0b --target-vendor 0x12d1 --target-product 0x1c08
However when it finally activates modem properly, the network manager finds the correct device /dev/ttyUSB0.