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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1411479: Taglib crash with a flac file Critical Confirmed 17 weeks

From: Ilya Kotov
Link: taglib-1.9.1-bug-308.diff


Bug #1462350: Wishlist: additional BPM conversions, i.e. 4/3 of detected BPM Wishlist Confirmed 26 weeks

From: jus
Link: lp1462350.diff


Bug #1426925: HID controller thread hangs randomly on Windows Medium In Progress 34 weeks

From: shalty
Link: patch.diff


Bug #1408100: soundsourcemp3 is clamping > 2.5 dB Low Fix Committed 47 weeks

From: Daniel Schürmann
Link: clip.patch


Bug #1404401: Add Denormal prevention in engine code Medium Fix Committed 49 weeks

From: RJ Ryan
Link: ftz.patch


Bug #1401838: Swiss keyboard mapping missing Low Fix Committed 51 weeks

From: jus
Link: fr_CH.kbd.cfg

updated for latest master

Bug #1090546: Reset pitch when loading new track Wishlist Fix Committed 53 weeks

From: Rahul Behl
Link: 0078-Bug-Reset-pitch-when-loading-new-track.patch


Bug #1210846: Auto Reset Gain & Eq after each song Wishlist Fix Committed 57 weeks

From: Rahul Behl
Link: 0001-Bug-1210846-Auto-Reset-Gain-Eq-after-each-song.patch


Bug #1160043: Make duration of end-of-track visualisation user configurable Wishlist Fix Committed 60 weeks

From: Rahul Behl
Link: 0006-Cleaning-code-a-bit.patch


Bug #1023804: Stop AutoDJ shuffle from putting two of the same song together Wishlist Fix Committed 74 weeks

From: Zak Reynolds
Link: 1023804-Modified-Playlist-Shuffle.patch


Bug #1314517: Fix fid lib header Undecided New 83 weeks

From: KWhat
Link: fidlib.patch


Bug #1314315: mixxx crash at startup on win7 64 sp1 Critical Incomplete 83 weeks

From: spyz
Link: mixxx crash log.txt

mixxx crash log.txt

Bug #1261493: Support human-readable time suffixes in time-based search query filters Wishlist Fix Committed 91 weeks

From: k bashar
Link: humanreadabletimesearch.patch


Bug #1280580: Preview Deck support for Denon DN-SC2000 Low Fix Committed 93 weeks

From: SZÉKELYI Szabolcs
Link: denon-dn-sc2000-preview-deck-support.patch


Bug #1270640: Fix modplug support Medium Fix Committed 97 weeks

From: Stefan Nürnberger
Link: 0001-fix-modplug-support.patch


Bug #1261079: Add feature to allow creating a new History entry without restart Wishlist Fix Committed 100 weeks

From: jus
Link: newhistoryentry.diff

The original patch

Bug #1176184: Midi Mapping Wizard maps to clock signal Low Fix Committed 114 weeks

From: Michael Sawyer
Link: midimapping.patch

new helper function, ignores clock during mapping

Bug #1178813: EQ kill buttons do not alter waveform Low Fix Committed 117 weeks

From: Leo Combes
Link: my_changes.patch


Bug #1213752: Add Hercules Mk4 Support Medium Fix Committed 119 weeks

From: Federico Briata
Link: HerculesMk4.patch

Add Hercules Mk4 Support

Bug #1188967: Midi lights not set correctly when a setting is changed mid-processing by Mixxx engine Low Fix Committed 129 weeks

From: Owen Williams
Link: midifix.diff


Bug #1156569: Change Soundsource API to reading float samples Wishlist Fix Committed 130 weeks

From: James Fagan
Link: mp3final.patch

mp3 is done, everything else still needs convert moved and optimized

Bug #1184158: Provide meaningful error messages when Mixxx fails to lookup MusicBrainz metadata Medium Fix Committed 131 weeks

From: Max Linke
Link: musicbrainzNetworkError.patch


Bug #1184157: Rename the "Reload from Musicbrainz" option in the context menu Medium Fix Committed 131 weeks

From: jus
Link: musicbrainz-menus-v2.patch

Updated patch. 1st one had wrong order for stacked widget in dlgtagfetcher

Bug #1168465: Add crate to AutoDJ Wishlist Fix Committed 132 weeks

From: vedant agarwala
Link: bug1168465v1.patch


Bug #976580: Add horizontal scroll-bar in treeview pane Wishlist Fix Committed 132 weeks

From: Irina Grosu
Link: horizontal_scroll-bar_tree_view.patch


Bug #1088031: Add Double BPM and Halve BPM to contextual menu Wishlist Fix Committed 132 weeks

From: Callum Styan
Link: bpm3.txt


Bug #1179097: right click "Add to Playlist"+"Add to Crate" items for tracks should have "new" as option Wishlist Fix Committed 132 weeks

From: vedant agarwala
Link: bug1179097v1.patch


Bug #1179683: support MingW cross compile Low Confirmed 133 weeks

From: Steven Boswell
Link: mixxx-111-winbuild.patch


Bug #1179118: Typos, bad English usage in manual (with fix) Low Fix Committed 133 weeks

From: Steven Boswell
Link: mixxx-manual-111.patch


Bug #1179098: "Join with previous" loses data (with fix) Medium Fix Committed 133 weeks

From: Steven Boswell
Link: mixxx-copyPlaylistTracks.patch


Bug #1179043: Mixxx abort on Ubuntu Lucid faad=1 when loading m4a file Critical Fix Committed 133 weeks

From: Daniel Schürmann
Link: m4a_abort.patch


Bug #1179038: remove old BPM analyser Code Low Fix Committed 133 weeks

From: Max Linke
Link: rmBPMAnalyser.patch


Bug #1178883: Bad file permissions in res folder Low Fix Committed 134 weeks

From: Steven Boswell
Link: mixxx-perms.patch


Bug #774808: Allow different playback modes for samplers Wishlist In Progress 134 weeks

From: Rowan Jones
Link: playmodes.patch


Bug #1174604: iTunes match remote tracks show in iTunes library view but can't be played Low Fix Committed 134 weeks

From: Carl Pillot
Link: iTunesMatch.patch


Bug #1173781: WTrackText does not update when track updates. Wishlist Fix Committed 134 weeks

From: vedant agarwala
Link: bug1173781v1.patch

Fixes the bug

Bug #1174578: Disable keylock when scratching with scratch2_enable. Low Fix Committed 135 weeks

From: RJ Ryan
Link: controller_keylock.patch


Bug #1174868: LoadSelectedTrackAndPlay control not available for PreviewDeck in Controller Wizard Low Fix Committed 135 weeks

From: jus
Link: add_LoadSelectedTrackAndPlay.patch


Bug #1174413: Windows uninstaller does not remove some resources Low Fix Committed 135 weeks

From: jus
Link: nsi.patch


Bug #1071495: Unusable channel pairings (2-3, 4-5, etc.) when configuring sound hardware. Low Fix Committed 135 weeks

From: RJ Ryan
Link: dlgprefsounditem_offset.patch


Bug #997104: Support UTF-8 in all translation strings. Low Fix Committed 136 weeks

From: Konarak Ratnakar
Link: 997104.patch


Bug #1051106: libraryscanner blocks the library for other transactions High Confirmed 136 weeks

From: Steven Boswell
Link: mixxx-01-incrementalrescan.tar.bz2


Bug #1169327: WAV recording: CUE sheet file is incorrect and misses first track in set Low Fix Committed 137 weeks

From: Robb Bean
Link: enginerecord.cpp.patch

TITLE and PERFORMER field patch

Bug #1159150: Update man page Low Fix Committed 138 weeks

From: jus
Link: man_v4.patch


Bug #970965: Allow sending the crossfader inputs to an external mixer Wishlist Fix Committed 139 weeks

From: Alban
Link: output-xfaderinputs4.patch


Bug #1161389: Grammar error on live broadcasting screen Low Fix Committed 140 weeks

From: Muzaffer Tolga
Link: patch.txt

Patch to fix grammatical error

Bug #657782: Hide MenuBar with a KeyStroke Wishlist Confirmed 149 weeks

From: mutil
Link: menu_hide.diff


Bug #854082: Smoothly ramp gain changes. High Fix Committed 152 weeks

From: RJ Ryan
Link: ramp3.patch


Bug #1094149: EngineBufferScale Clean Up Low Fix Committed 153 weeks

From: Daniel Schürmann
Link: EngineBufferScaleCleanup.patch


Bug #981199: Waveform 2.0 is jerking: GPU V-Sync Medium In Progress 155 weeks

From: RJ Ryan
Link: playpos.patch


Bug #1053378: Update debian/control to display more complete product informations Low Fix Committed 167 weeks

From: jus
Link: debian_control.patch


Bug #1053141: Waveform vsync test Low Fix Committed 167 weeks

From: Daniel Schürmann
Link: glvsynctestwidget.patch


Bug #884705: Actual latency is double what is requested (off by one in the prefs) High Fix Committed 168 weeks

From: Daniel Schürmann
Link: AudioBufferSize.patch


Bug #913255: apply in metadata closes window Low Fix Committed 179 weeks

From: mutil
Link: dlgtrackinfo.diff


Bug #954234: Remove strings from HTML blobs in dialogs. Low Fix Committed 180 weeks

From: mutil
Link: tr.diff


Bug #989297: Mistakes in some reference language strings Low Fix Committed 184 weeks

From: jus
Link: capitalization.diff


Bug #1002496: SoundManager Prevents Multiple AudioInput Registrations Low Fix Committed 184 weeks

From: Matthew Mikolay
Link: soundmanagerdiff.txt

Unified diff for modified SoundManager

Bug #661459: Show cover art for tracks in Library Wishlist Fix Committed 185 weeks

From: mutil
Link: cover-art.patch


Bug #990992: The new controller polling frequency is too high for desktop systems High Triaged 186 weeks

From: Alban
Link: controller-polling-frequency.patch


Bug #905669: Take file mtime's into account when calculating freshness hashes during scanning. Low Triaged 193 weeks

From: Ben Clark
Link: 905669-in_transaction.patch

Update the status of the directory and the tracks inside a transaction

Bug #746456: Show minute markers on overview waveform Wishlist Confirmed 198 weeks

From: akash shetye
Link: minutemarker2.patch

This patch solves the mentioned bug.

Bug #681009: Support marquee scrolling text displays when text is too large for widget Wishlist Confirmed 208 weeks

From: Matt Miller
Link: bug681009_unloadFix.patch

Fixed patch

Bug #749396: at slow speeds, "keylock" should fall back to vinyl emu scaling Wishlist Fix Committed 213 weeks

From: Owen Williams
Link: keylockfix.diff


Bug #855047: [patch] add pitchbend buttons for RMX Wishlist In Progress 216 weeks

From: Jens Nachtigall
Link: Hercules-DJ-Console-RMX-Advanced_pitchbend_instead_of_hotcue2_3.midi.xml.patch


Bug #661446: Laptop battery indicator Wishlist In Progress 234 weeks

From: Till Hofmann
Link: mapping.diff


Bug #225966: Adjustable headphone latency Wishlist Fix Committed 239 weeks

From: Owen Williams
Link: pfl_delay.diff


Bug #728197: possible memory corruption with "update metadata" active Critical In Progress 248 weeks

From: Owen Williams
Link: metadata_save_avoidance.diff

fairly hacky method of keeping track of loaded tracks

Bug #671806: Echo-like audio glitch when using keylock High Fix Committed 249 weeks

From: Phillip Whelan
Link: mixxx-fix-playpos-trunk.patch


Bug #703757: Fails to build if linked against system-wide libsoundtouch Low Confirmed 254 weeks

From: Alessio Treglia
Link: 50-soundtouch.patch


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