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Bug #1645054: Adjust beatgrid pixel by pixel Wishlist In Progress 64 weeks

From: John doe
Link: mixxx-20161215-beatgridadjustandmove.patch

Beatgrid adjust and move pixel by pixel

Bug #1100882: Allow user to color code tracks Wishlist In Progress 65 weeks

From: John doe
Link: mixxx-20161215-librarytrackcolors.patch

Mixxx library track color column

Bug #896880: Preferences window needs cleanup Medium Fix Committed 112 weeks

From: Stefan N├╝rnberger
Link: mixxx-preferences-sidebar-preferred-width.patch

get rid of fixed width in preferences sidebar

Bug #1529708: Allow binding two keys to the same control Wishlist Confirmed 116 weeks

From: Christopher Cooper
Link: 0001-Add-support-for-multiple-keybindings-to-a-single-con.patch

proof-of-concept patch to commit 4d4fc62e08e99127036d5c3a25fcb41d16015867

Bug #1462350: Wishlist: additional BPM conversions, i.e. 4/3 of detected BPM Wishlist Fix Committed 146 weeks

From: jus
Link: lp1462350.diff


Bug #1426925: HID controller thread hangs randomly on Windows Medium In Progress 155 weeks

From: shalty
Link: patch.diff


Bug #1408100: soundsourcemp3 is clamping > 2.5 dB Low Fix Committed 167 weeks

From: Daniel Sch├╝rmann
Link: clip.patch


Bug #1314517: Fix fid lib header Low Confirmed 203 weeks

From: KWhat
Link: fidlib.patch


Bug #1314315: mixxx crash at startup on win7 64 sp1 Critical Incomplete 203 weeks

From: spyz
Link: mixxx crash log.txt

mixxx crash log.txt

Bug #1156569: Change Soundsource API to reading float samples Wishlist Fix Committed 251 weeks

From: James Fagan
Link: mp3final.patch

mp3 is done, everything else still needs convert moved and optimized

Bug #1179683: support MingW cross compile Low Confirmed 253 weeks

From: Steven Boswell
Link: mixxx-111-winbuild.patch


Bug #774808: Allow different playback modes for samplers Wishlist Confirmed 254 weeks

From: Rowan Jones
Link: playmodes.patch


Bug #1051106: libraryscanner blocks the library for other transactions High Confirmed 256 weeks

From: Steven Boswell
Link: mixxx-01-incrementalrescan.tar.bz2


Bug #657782: Hide MenuBar with a KeyStroke Wishlist Confirmed 269 weeks

From: mutil
Link: menu_hide.diff


Bug #981199: Waveform 2.0 is jerking: GPU V-Sync Medium In Progress 275 weeks

From: RJ Ryan
Link: playpos.patch


Bug #990992: The new controller polling frequency is too high for desktop systems High Triaged 306 weeks

From: Alban
Link: controller-polling-frequency.patch


Bug #905669: Take file mtime's into account when calculating freshness hashes during scanning. Low Triaged 313 weeks

From: Ben Clark
Link: 905669-in_transaction.patch

Update the status of the directory and the tracks inside a transaction

Bug #746456: Show minute markers on overview waveform Wishlist Confirmed 318 weeks

From: akash shetye
Link: minutemarker2.patch

This patch solves the mentioned bug.

Bug #681009: Support marquee scrolling text displays when text is too large for widget Wishlist Confirmed 328 weeks

From: Matt Miller
Link: bug681009_unloadFix.patch

Fixed patch

Bug #855047: [patch] add pitchbend buttons for RMX Wishlist In Progress 336 weeks

From: Jens Nachtigall
Link: Hercules-DJ-Console-RMX-Advanced_pitchbend_instead_of_hotcue2_3.midi.xml.patch


Bug #661446: Laptop battery indicator Wishlist Fix Committed 354 weeks

From: Till Hofmann
Link: mapping.diff


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