Comment 9 for bug 884705

Daniel Schürmann (daschuer) wrote :

I can find this in the log:

Requested sample rate: 44100 Hz, latency: 92.8798 ms
    Actual sample rate: 44100 Hz, latency: 185.76 ms

"[Master], latency" is set to 185.76 ms

Latency in preferences is 92.9 ms

    const PaStreamInfo* streamDetails = Pa_GetStreamInfo(m_pStream);
streamDetails->outputLatency = 185.76 ms
streamDetails->inputLatency = 0 ms;

Actual, Mixxx uses a buffer of 92.9 ms

The other latency values are also effected.

Currently "[Master], latency" is currently unused.
But I want to use it for calculate the current play position.
It looks like there is different behaviour in Linux and Windows.
Any Idea how to solve this issue?