Comment 4 for bug 773423

jus (jus) wrote :

This patch against latest lp:mixxx adds a selectable Tracks File Path display in the track editor dialog.

More changes:
* Use tabs in Track editor like elsewhere in Mixxx
* Track name displayed in window title to save space
* Separates between editable and non-editable fields
* Add some more fields to the track information
* Non-editable fileds now selectable by mouse & keyboard
* Fix button order to follow common standards
* Fix alignments

Limitation (cause i could not figure it out):
* Missing Rating editor. I tried to put the editable Rating field beside the Key field
* Clicking "Accept" still closes the track editor (see lp:913255)
* Some track properties still missing ( e.g. played counter, sample rate...).

Still think it is an improvement compared to the current track editor.

Patch changes the Shortcut fro "New crate" from CTRL+C to CTRL+STRG+N. Imo it is more logical since the shortcut for "New playlist" is CTRL+N. It can now be used for e.g. copying the Tracks File Path. CTRL+C is a standard system shortcut and Mixxx should not block it.