win7 libraries not accepted as music folder

Bug #750521 reported by Daniel callander on 2011-04-04
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Running Mixxx 1.9.0 x64 on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

If I try to set Mixxx's music library folder to one of the Libraries they introduced in Windows 7, the input from the dialog box seems to be ignored. Should return the default library at the very least, but also possibly aggregate all of the folders that are in the library.

Bill Good (bkgood) wrote :

A couple of things: (this is as much for the general developer population as it is for the reporter)
We don't currently support having multiple library directories (i.e. multiple roots for the library). This is (I think) an easy fix/change.
More difficultly, Qt doesn't have any way of telling us that what was selected was actually a collection of directories, not a real directory. Originally, Qt just returned nothing (which is what you're seeing now, their 'fix' won't be released until qt 4.8 if I'm reading right), and their fix is to just disable the selection of Libraries, which isn't a fix at all. Unfortunately because Windows 7 Libraries are such a unique/peculiar feature I'm not sure this will be changing particularly soon. (other mixxx bug: qt bug: qt fix: )

Anyway, times like this I'm tempted to write native code but that's a pretty gross solution. Hopefully, this is something that we can figure out one day, because we're stuck with this from MS at least until the next Windows, if not much longer. The feature really isn't a bad idea, shame they couldn't have just implemented it with NTFS symlinks or junctions or whatever they're called.

Thanks for the report Daniel!

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RJ Skerry-Ryan (rryan) on 2011-10-05
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jus (jus) wrote :

Users having massive issues with this, especially 1st time users. On initial launch our "Choose music library directory " points to the Windows Music library , which is the directory returned by QDesktopServices::MusicLocation.

Many user simply select this directory, and as the OP said, Mixxx ignores the input and returns a blank library. We have already too much "Mixxx blows - Cant even find my music" feedback.

This is bad and unless we have a elegant solution or QT provides us with a real fix we should at least default to C:\Users\foo\ My Music.

IMO more a High priority than a wishlist bug because it affect ALL Windows 7/8 users.

jus (jus) wrote :

Raising this from Wishlist to high priority cause its the single most reported issue from our feedback form and more than 3/4 of our users are on Windows. As said earlier, this bug affects potentially all Windows 7/8 users .

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Drew Noakes (drewnoakes) wrote :

I thought I'd just chime in to say that I recently did a fresh install of Mixxx 1.10.1 (r3110) on Win 8 (x64) and selected my Music 'library'. It seems to have worked properly.

RJ Skerry-Ryan (rryan) wrote :

Hm, can we get a second person to confirm this is fixed?

Max Linke (max-linke) wrote :

I can't confirm this for win7. Selecting a library will result in the dialog box complaining about that I should choose a Folder instead of a library.

My guess is that the libraries in win8 are changed a bit compared to win7 so that it works there. I can live with the warning about the libraries in win7 it's better then the silent failing that we had before

jus (jus) wrote :

Selecting a Windows 8 Library folder does not work with latest lp:mixxx/1.11. You`ll get the warning dialog Max talked about. We probably just see the "workaround" in current QT linked in #1.

Warning message in screenshot (german) reads: "You have selected a library. Choose a folder instead."

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