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Bug #746456 reported by RAFFI TEA on 2011-03-31
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Some skins like NightLightBlues have "markers" on the overview waveform but their distances are not 60 seconds long. I think we should introduce minute markers for that purpose.

RAFFI TEA (raffitea) on 2011-03-31
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jus (jus) wrote :

Right on, this would be helpful.
Currently i have used 4 manual marker to divide the overview into 4 parts, providing at least some orientation this way.

RJ Ryan (rryan) wrote :

I guess my main question is how to indicate that they are minute markers instead of hotcues or cue markers. Should we draw the minute they represent on it? That might look ugly. Some other way?

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allen bina (allenbina) wrote :

Just my $.02, I don't think this is very useful. If I was concerned with the amount of time left for a song, I would emphasize the time left portion of a skin, not mark the minutes of a song. I think the waveform should be as simple and clean as possible. Can you explain a time when you would want minute markers on a song?

Owen Williams (ywwg) wrote :

If anything, measure and phrase markers would be more useful but then we'd have to have code for time signatures and phrase length.

akash shetye (shetyeakash) wrote :

How about this patch, although the approximation of the value of oneMinute is based on observation alone and no calculations are done for getting it. Some help there please .... the markers are drawn as white lines behind the waveform, much like the 4 divisions that are default. To avoid confusion with the default white markers on waveform please move the file "mixxx-1..../res/skins/(whichever skin you use)/style/style_bg_woverview.png" somewhere else so the default 4 divisions won't appear.

akash shetye (shetyeakash) wrote :

Thanks to Thomas, here is an updated patch that will work in all situations for songs with different sampling rates, I've tried it out with couple of songs. Please move the waveform backgroung .png file in yout skin folder somewhere else as mention in the above comment ^^.

Maxime Bochon (maxime-bochon) wrote :

This topic deserves to be generalized. The user should be able to display an "overall grid" or not, and to choose how that grid is built through the preference dialog.

Among others:

a) "Minute markers" generalized to "fixed time interval markers" : useful to quickly jump to a point in a 60-min mix or a raw vinyl rip.

b) "4 bar markers" (cf. bug #992923) generalized to "beat-sync markers" : the same as a) but in a musical manner (this requires the beat-grid and first beat to be known) (so for now restricted to track with fixed and steady tempo, with first beat set manually).

c) "Segment markers" : useful to separate segments based on any segmentation method, such as tonality (to know where the key changes), or level (to jump to the start of a track in a raw vinyl record where there is a few seconds of silence) or even song structure (verse, chorus, bridge...).

For case c), I know that some audio formats (such as Wave) can embed time markers as meta-data, so this could be a way of importing a custom overall-grid.

naught101 (naught101) wrote :

If there was bar-detection, bar markers every 4 bars would be pretty useful. Even if there isn't bar detection, a marker every 16 or 32 beats (depending on the tempo) would be good enough.. This would provide useful reference points for "how far am I from the next phrase".

Markers could perhaps be a just a short 3-5px vertical line at the top and/or bottom of the waveform, to distinguish from cue markers.

Daniel Schürmann (daschuer) wrote :

This is really an issue, we should solve.

I usually set a the cue point to the first down beat of the track and starting the track counting the previous one. The quantized play feature helps me to start the new track in time.

What is you use case of the down beat markers?
Does it still work if you cannot always rely on them?

I think as a base for this feature, we need at least a measure column in library, that tells use how many beats we have per downbeat, and a hidden info where the first one is.

Could be a GSoC project. ....

Or rather a time signature column so we can support various types of music.

Be ( wrote :

Beats per measure awareness and display are a separate feature and use case from time markers on the overviews. I think the discussion about that should continue on Bug #753301. Time markers on the overviews would be helpful for visually estimating how much time two tracks could overlap without regard to rhythm.

Daniel Schürmann (daschuer) wrote :

Yes I meant actually a time signature column.

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