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Bug #669273 reported by raskolnikov on 2010-11-01
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This is a feature request.

It would be very nice if Mixxx had support for scrobbling in Last.FM and similar services (i.e. Libre.FM).

The rationale behind this is that, even though Mixxx is not "a music player", on practices with his favourite songs more often than not and it is desirable that this information is on one's profile and it should count on calculating one's musical preferences.

I understand that this would be a low priority feature but it is something that other DJ software does not have and it would be nice to file this here in case someone ever has too much free time and wants to implement it :D

For those not in the know:

RJ Skerry-Ryan (rryan) on 2010-11-01
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DJ Kaboodle (djkaboodle) wrote :

I do not know of any other DJ software that scrobbles tracks, and this would definitely raise Mixxx's profile even more.

I think that the scrobbling would work best if the following options were available::
1) srobble at the end of set, instead of on the fly (just in case the scrobbling affects latency, CPU, etc.)
2) scrobble each song as it is played
3) turn off scrobbling (default)

Also, this would be fantastic if it could record how long each song was played, and at what exact moment from the beginning of a set. Therefore, mashups, crazy sampling and scratching sessions would still record the songs used. But again, this feature should be something that is turned off by default, and there should be something like 'minimum playing time' so that only songs that are played for longer than this would be recorded. (i.e. if you set the 'minumum playing time' to one minute, then samples and scratches that are shorter than this will not be scrobbled or recorded).

Currently, I am working on a bash script that will in some way cover this issue for the moment. By running Mixxx from the command line as "mixxx -v", the file name and location of the song are output - so it should be possible to get all the information necessary for scrobbling from that...

I will post it up as soon I have something worthwhile, but there will people out there who can do a much better job of it, I am sure!

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Daniel Schürmann (daschuer) wrote :

Hi DJ Kaboodle,

I am thinking about the benefits of features for mixxx. I think it should be possible to add this to the lp:~daschuer/mixxx/features_setlog branch.

Did you make progress and what where your experiences?


naught101 (naught101) wrote :

On top of scrobbling, also has an excellent folksonomy - per-user tags. You can access the tags via the api ( ), and it returns the tag with the tag popularity (I think it's a percentage of users that used this tag when tagging this track).

It's not *always* useful - you have to ignore certain tags (e.g. "seen live", "favourite"). But it would be cool to have access to those tags in Mixxx, so that tracks could be manually moved in to matching crates, when appropriate. This might be better as a plugin, though, if Mixxx is planning on supporting plugins at some point.

Daniel Schürmann (daschuer) wrote :

Hi naught101, thank you for the request. Would you mind to file a new one since this does not match the title of this bug.
Thank you.

naught101 (naught101) wrote :

FWIW: ListenBrainz is probably more useful now, since the LastFM API is basically permanently broken.

naught101 (naught101) on 2018-01-06
summary: - scrobbling support
+ listenbrainz/ scrobbling support
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