Comment 9 for bug 1473504

The library scans never gave me trouble, so it's definitely not #1411479. Also, it never crashed on the same song.

As for log.3, I have no idea. I'd have an idea if it were timestamped...

Some other things to consider:
- I have my mp3s stored on a USB pen drive. Are there any known issues with caching or USB autosuspend or so?
I assume that Mixxx stores the currently played song in RAM. What would happen if I have a song playing and request USB access while the drive is suspended. The RFA causes a CPU spike which makes the audio buffer underflow. Mixxx gets confused by accessing the library and having to fill the audio buffer and calls it quits. Plausible or safeguarded against?

- The build is done with "CPU optimization" enabled. Any known bugs there?

- The crash was always near, or slightly after, a full hour of playback. Anything taking place after an hour? Logfile flushing, GL rendering buffer flushing or anything else? Maybe in combination with item #1?

Also, can I herewith request an inprovement to the logging system?
Or at least have a working shortcut to start GDB and Mixxx with all relevant input parameters from console?