Comment 16 for bug 1473504

Daniel Schürmann (daschuer) wrote :

The modification time of mixxx.log.3 is 2015-07-05 03:28

> Did you ever hade trouble with USB autosuspend?

I do not know any issues. IMHO it works without any disturbance and shout auto-unsuspend if required.
Do you have any issues like short dropouts with that?

> Is track caching constantly improved upon or was this carried over largely unchanged from 1.11?

We did dome changes in that code, since 1.11. But the main principals are still like 1.11.

> What's the limit at which a process will be suspended by the kernel due to excessive memory demands?

It spends a process only if almost all memory is gone. Mixxx should consume not more than 500 MB.
But the absolute size is not relevant here. Once the used memory is growing without a stop, it will reach any limit and crashes finally.

I do not know a memory leaking issue with NVidida though.
The known issue happens only with the --developer flag active or old Intel graphics driver.