Comment 2 for bug 1329202

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please see my suggestions below.

> Remove the query string and leave only the resource when the mount point is set in preferences (or do this in a later step and retain it in the dialog).

Oh god, definitely not.

If you remove the query string, you're actually breaking the protocol specifications and you will probably break some applications out there (including Spreaker, that's one of the biggest broadcasting platforms with 5M users). When you send metadata, the mountpoint must exactly match the original mountpoint sent with the SOURCE request, and so it must include any querystring parameter in the same exact order if the original SOURCE requests did have it.

The issue I reported more than one year ago is the following: when you send metadata, you're actually doing an HTTP request. This HTTP request contains a querystring parameter called "mount" whose value is the original mountpoint (including the original query string). The value of "mount" parameter is not escaped, and it should just be escaped. Basically any language provides a function to escape an URI component (ie. in javascript it's encodeURIComponent) or at least has a library to do so, so I guess it's shouldn't be pretty complex to do.

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