Comment 16 for bug 1329202


Trimming should be fine.

Entering an already encoded mount would likely contain characters which are a problem. ;) (Keep in mind that libShout isn't sending the wrong name, but merely the wrong HTTP representation where needed so to speak. )

For a warning I would only check if the entered mountpoint name (as is) would need escaping to be interpreted correctly as a query parameter. Meaning I would test if the mountname equals the percentencoding of it and display a warning if they do not match.

But I also think I would exclude the "/" from the encoding ( there seems to be a parameter for that in QUrl::toPercentEncoding).
Although it is under normal circumstances a character which needs encoding, it does seem to work fine with icecast and according to the documentation linked above, the source is a path, which would make "/genre/stream.ogg" a legit mountname although the encoded version "/genre/stream.ogg" would not match, and stripping the prefix is not enough here.

"Suspicious mount point" is not that much of information. At least you should have a tooltip or be able to click on it and a message appears with something along the lines: "The name of your mountpoint seems to include characters which propably prevent the update of metadata on the server"


Although the idea for the warning is nice, is just a hint to a underlying problem mixxx is not responsible for. ( namely libShout building non HTTP-compliant URLs which lead to failing metadata updates). So I'd suggest raising a bug/enhancement for libShout, but perhaps that should be done by someone who is affected.