Comment 5 for bug 1102760

jerrylamos (jerrylamos) wrote :

This is a netbook with external TV monitor 1366x768. (x)mir has been a mess on it since among other things, 1920x1080 is hard to read without a magnifier and the dual cursors get confused. Dual monitor was working but awkward and slow so I re-installed to normal.

Any idea when I can set 1366x768 rotation normal (don't laugh, rotated monitor is an existing saucy "feeture")?

I also run a notebook with external 1600x900 which is legible, when is it reasonable to try (x)mir - that is, will run well enough to report bugs? New .iso install I do every couple weeks it seems on U+1.

I see the U+1 forum talks about Xubuntu mir. This is unity (not my favorite but I'm testing for bugs).