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Bug #1280382 reported by InAndOutLand on 2014-02-14
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Midori Web Browser

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On Windows, there is something called ClearType, which makes text look better on flat screen displays. This works with most apps(Opera, Firefox, IE, Chrome, etc...), but Midori does not use ClearType, resulting in very hard-to-read text . This happens in websites and Midori's GUI. This also happens on Windows 8 and 7(not sure about Vista and XP). Can this issue be fixed?

PS: Will add screenshots later.

PPS: It would be nice if you used Segoe UI for the GUI font on Windows.

PSPS: Will add version info later.

Paweł Forysiuk (tuxator) wrote :

Quick answer: nope.

Long answer: Webkit port that midori uses fontconfig which in turn does not seem to play with cleartype.
Super long firts start also comes from it.
For this to be fixed somebody would need to "port" webkitgtk version to use windows font system.
It is kind of a bummer but we don't know when and if that happens.
Nothing we can really do from inside Midori about it.

Same for gui fonts we just use gtk3 on windows, it sets the font in the theme - that _may_ be easier to tweak.
It is supposed to try to look native but maybe something is off there.

Info version is not needed here, it is known issue. Unfortunately we cannot do much about it currently.

PS. For the record please try to look at bugs with win32 tag first when reporting ;)

tags: added: win32
InAndOutLand (inandoutland) wrote :

That's alright.

Oleg Dozorov (fernitoid) wrote :

>"very hard-to-read"..
I love the current Midori text rendering :D..
BTW, CRT displays do not need ClearType at all.

InAndOutLand (inandoutland) wrote :

I love the current Midori text rendering :D..

I hate the current Midori text rendering :D....

> BTW, CRT displays do not need ClearType at all.

> On Windows, there is something called ClearType, which makes text look better on FLAT SCREEN DISPLAYS!

Oleg Dozorov (fernitoid) wrote :

ClearType is a sub-pixel typeface rendering, which is made for 100+ ppi color displays with RGB component sections placed exactly by three per each output pixel. ClearType requires special plotting features included in the font file from font designers. In fact, ClearType "makes text look better" only if the font designer wants it to.
On the "flat displays" that are working in wrong resolution mode, or which are connected via VGA cable (e. g., which are resampling input frames or pixel rows from original resolution step to its own), ClearType do not work properly anyway, and actually just corrupt the picture.

InAndOutLand (inandoutland) wrote :

Fair enough.
But at least respect the system setting. If you absolutely hate ClearType, wouldn't you disable it? If you have ClearType on, use it in Midori. If you do not have it on, don't use it in Midori. That seems like a good compromise to me.

Matt (matthewkoch) wrote :

It's really ugly in much for the alt browser experiment. I really wanted to like it. Also, what's with the UI looking nothing like the screen shots on Midori's site.

"Simply Beautiful
Midori is carefully crafted by skilled designers and coders, right down to the last pixel."

That is laughable....not on Windows was it crafted by skilled designers.

Matt (matthewkoch) wrote :

This one shows how unclear the font is on Windows.

Paweł Forysiuk (tuxator) wrote :

Tooltip is displayed by gtk3. Not much we can do from the browser about it. I dont know current state of it on Windows but it was like that since "forever". Maybe it could be tweaked with some win specific theme but im not sure.

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