Comment 401 for bug 160311

I don't even accept that it's adequately fixed in Unity (unless there's been significant progress since 14.04, for I only use LTS releases).

I teach elderly users with little or no experience of computers. Naturally many don't have good hand/eye coordination, so they need to be able to adjust settings easily to make the system fit their needs. One would expect this to be found under Settings / Universal Access, but there is nothing there that addresses this issue.

If you look at Windows XP (I'm not familiar enough with later versions to speak from memory) you can go into the control panel and set window borders to whatever width you want. After adjustment the result may not be as pretty, but when you're over 70 and unlikely to have a career in Hollywood, 'pretty' isn't high on your wish list, accessibility IS.

Please consider addressing this. It would be a boon if you can get it done before 16.04.