Comment 25 for bug 160311

As someone fairly new to Linux, yet understand things far better than the average newbie, I want to add my 2 cents.

 On a scale of 1-4
1 - Emergency
2- High
3- Medium
4 Low

 I have to say this issue is a medium priority. It is a usability issue, and will turn people away. It's the little things that get you. They add up. I understand that it will take resources, but I think getting this issue resolved being resolution dependent will alleviate others as well. The sad truth is this will probably get fixed because of something else being resolution dependent.

IMHO the theme shouldn't matter, and or even better a simple GUI setting. At the least, we need this to be more generous in default themes. Were it not for Compiz ALT-Middleclick I would have gone nuts already. Glad the theme change helps, but is a work around.