Comment 13 for bug 160311

Sounds like this is, indeed, resolution dependant. I'm running a 24" Dell flat panel and its resolution is 1920x1200. This may be why only a small number of people have hooked onto this issue.

To be honest, I've fixed this now, simply by installing the Emerald manager straight from the Gutsy repos. Now, in System/prefs/Emerald Themes, I can just click on Frames/Borders and use the sliders there to alter the size for each side. Just installing Emerald helps though, since its default appears to be 4px. I've upped my right and bottom frames to 7px. It does create lopsided frames, but at this res, it's not obvious, but makes resizing from the lower right corner much, much easier.

I like the transparent idea however, providing it's not overdone. I reckon a 4-5px frame with another 3-4px transparent frame would be awesome. I'll be interested to see if anything along those lines is implemented in either Emerald or Metacity.