Users want to be able to select which folders receive indications

Bug #733488 reported by Mike Conley on 2011-03-11
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Messaging Menu Thunderbird Extension

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See above.

Mike Conley (mconley) on 2011-03-17
Changed in messagingmenu-extension:
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Mike Conley (mconley) wrote :

According to Mark Shuttleworth:
"...if it's a high-traffic media like email, [this extension should] provide a way for users to differentiate between 'important' traffic (like a message from your spouse or colleague or boss) and everything else. In this case, it should be easy to filter and tag messages as "important", and easy to say that the messaging menu should only be turned green for those."

Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson) wrote :

I've been thinking about this a little bit too. In addition to turning the indicator blue for messages marked as important, we could also check if the mail is addressed directly to the recipient (this would filter out high-volume mailing list traffic unless those are explicitly addressed to you). We could also do other things, eg, check if the sender is in the recipients addressbook.

Anyway, just some random thoughts. I'll probably experiment with some of these next week

Lukas Koch (ast0815) wrote :

If I'm correctly informed there is already one other Thunderbird add-on out there that lets you chose whether you want to be informed about every e-mail or just mail in your inbox.

I would really like to see that feature in the bundled add-on as the current behaviour of indicating for all folders is really not working with my mail organisation.

My set-up is a google-mail account which collects my mail from a couple of other accounts via pop3 and puts them not only into the inbox but also tags them according to the account they have been fetched from. In an imap-client such as Thunderbird this translates to the new mails being in two folders.

As the plug-in is working right now, that means I get TWO notifications for ONE e-mail. And even if I read the mail in the inbox and it gets automatically marked as read in the account-specific folder by google, the notification for the second "copy" of the mail only goes away when I actually open it within that folder.

That behaviour is pretty annoying and I would love to see a way to fix this issue. I prefer Thunderbird over Evolution in general, but at least in evolution the notifications worked as I intended them to work.

Randy Orrison (r.orrison) wrote :

I'd be much happier if it just reported on the Inbox folders for the three accounts I have, and ignored the hundreds of new messages that I have filed off into other folders. (Some by procmail, some by Thunderbird rules.) Currently it says I have 680 new messages; most of those I'll never read. I'd really like to know about the 1 new message in my Inbox. (This applies to both the Unity launcher icon, and the folders that appear in the dropdown under the envelope icon in the top right, whatever that's called.)

Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson) wrote :

Note, we have supported an inbox-only mode for a few months already. There is a radio-box in the general pane of the preferences window

How do you get to the preferences window? There isn't a preferences
button in the Add-on list -- all I have is Compatibility and Disable.
(The Compatibility button comes from the Compatibility Reporter.)

(I'm using Thunderbird 7.0.1 on Ubuntu 11.10, with version 0.8 of the
Messaging Menu and Unity Launcher integration addon. I've checked for
updates, but Thunderbird reports none, and Ubuntu is up-to-date as of
this just now.)



On 23/10/11 16:23, Chris Coulson wrote:
> Note, we have supported an inbox-only mode for a few months already.
> There is a radio-box in the general pane of the preferences window

Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson) wrote :


Randy Orrison (r.orrison) wrote :

Got it - thanks! I hadn't thought of looking there.

Besides inbox-only mode you could also support "Favorite Folders". I've a inbox just to junk emails which I don't care it receive emails, but I've rules to put team emails in a specific folders which I'd like to be warned.

Karl Maier (w-wall2001) wrote :

I suggest to add a filter action similar to New Mail Attention

It features a filter actions that brings attention to the Thunderbird window. However, this is rather intrusive in comparison to the nice coloring of the messaging menu icon offered by this add-on.

Enhancement example for this add-on:
The user sets up one or more filters which catch only the emails he thinks are important and chooses as "actions" for the filter, say, the "Messaging Menu Action" (which has to be developed) and which turns the messaging menu green.

Danillo (danillo) wrote :

I set up an email and a rss account in Thunderbird, but I only get notifications for email, not rss. Is that part of this bug or am I supposed to check some box somewhere to get rss notifications?

Simon Arlott ( wrote :

My Inbox is also my Archive folder (i.e. the Archive button moves email into Inbox/2014) so regardless of the "all folders"/"inbox only" setting this extension currently ignores my Inbox folder.

I also need to set it to "inbox only" to avoid getting notifications for mailing list email, but I have two accounts. I only want the primary account to show in the launcher count and cause new mail notifications.

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