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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1110070: Patch to enable usage with Pillow Undecided New 277 weeks

From: Ankur Sinha
Link: memaker-pillow.patch


Bug #423492: memaker crashed with GError in __init__() Medium Fix Committed 412 weeks

From: Joseph Walton-Rivers
Link: 423492-trunk.patch

patch for the current trunk

Bug #181946: MeMaker crashes if last theme AND default theme is missing Wishlist Confirmed 531 weeks

From: Vik Reykja
Link: themefallback.patch


Bug #191079: MeMaker should support Drag and Drop of avatar preview Wishlist Fix Committed 536 weeks

From: Dylan McCall
Link: dndpatch3.diff

Superiorer patch for Drag and Drop functionality in MeMaker

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