Comment 6 for bug 1878548

In our environment, we set up the cluster by the following steps.

1. Prepare Controller Node (1 or more) and Compute Node (3 or more).
2. Install corosync, pacemaker, crmsh, masakari-api, masakari-engine on the Controller Node.
3.Install pacemaker_remote, crmsh, masakari-hostmonitor[1] on Compute Nodes.
4. Manage pacemaker_remote cluster on Compute Nodes by the pacemaker on the Controller Node.[2]

In our environment, we deployed a masakari-hostmonitor on Cpmpute Nodes. But you can also deploy it on Controller Nodes.

In order to manage the pacemaker_remote cluster of Compute Nodes, set remote RA related to each Compute Node in crm.

This is the pacemaker-remote RA settings. You should set for all Compute Nodes managed by pacemaker-remote cluster.

     primitive <defined name of remote node> ocf:pacemaker:remote \
      params reconnect_interval=10 server=<Host name or IP address of the Compute Node> \
      op migrate_from interval=0s timeout=60000 \
      op migrate_to interval=0s timeout=60000 \
      op monitor interval=20s timeout=180000 \
      op reload interval=0s timeout=60000 \
      op start interval=0s timeout=60000 \
      op stop interval=0s timeout=60000