Comment 10 for bug 1878548

I was unable to reproduce this (tried again with crmsh to be 100% fair). There must be something really peculiar about your Pacemaker+Corosync config. crmsh does not affect the outcome here. The isolated node is unable to provide the crm_mon output and thus unable to act with hostmonitor. The way pacemaker-remote is wired is that it cannot know cluster info if it is not online in that cluster. If it is not the case, I would suspect there is some specific config (or perhaps Pacemaker/Corosync version?) in place that misbehaves. All in all, I will be *deprecating support for running hostmonitors on remotes*. The reasoning is simple - it brings no benefits, only complexities. The cluster has to be contacted. The hostmonitors act like controller services, proxying the Pacemaker info into Masakari.