Comment 3 for bug 266263

poelzi (poelzi) wrote :

Originator: NO

nobrowser: the problem is, that newsserver drop messages in crossposts
when one is a mailinglist and the other is a newsgroup.

i just had an idea. we you use a small sqlite table:

| Original-ID | Translated-ID | Last-Used |

When a message is pulled von news, we replace in the reference header alle
ocurrences of translated-id's with their original id's.
When a message is posted to news, we replace all original-id's with
A new message still generates a new message id, the original is inserted
into the table along with it's original id.
On all actions, we update last-used.

The daily cron job, deletes all last-used older than x days (60 for
example) to keep the table small. This way, no thread trashing would occure
on both sides, while keeping crossposting possible and overhead isn't too
much i think.