Comment 2 for bug 965520

On Mar 27, 2012, at 02:36 AM, Stephen Turnbull wrote:

>Some work (done independently, so not addressing either of the specific
>complaints above, though) is available in
>Specifically it adds some documentation of two experimental web UIs, one
>the docs written by Florian Fuchs for the Admin UI installation, and the
>other the Hyperkitty archive UI (I think these notes are by Toshio

Thanks for this branch! It looks great and I'm merging it. Just a few minor
style points.

I like double-equal signs at the top level header, e.g.

Set Up the Archive UI in Five Minutes

Second level headers use single equals, e.g.


I also fixed a few minor capitalizations and spellings. I also changed things
to use the "Postorius" term for the web ui. I also corrected and moderately
rewrote a few things in START.rst; please take a look.

BTW, is it "hyperkitty" or "HyperKitty" or "Hyperkitty"? We seem to be a
little inconsistent with the spelling (but I'm not sure how to fix it ;).

I also added some of the missing links.

Thanks again for your contribution!