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Robert Mathews (rob-launchpad-net) wrote :

Just to add a little more: I checked the code and it appears that DELIVERY_RETRY_WAIT was added in 2.1.2, but then removed in 2.1.3 in favor of the RetryRunner having a 15 minute fixed delay:

 SLEEPTIME = mm_cfg.minutes(15)

Unfortunately it looks like the DELIVERY_RETRY_WAIT constant was not removed then even though it stopped being used in the code. Perhaps this was intended to be:

 SLEEPTIME = mm_cfg.minutes(mm_cfg.DELIVERY_RETRY_WAIT)

Looking more closely at my high CPU usage that triggered all this, it turns out that because we use VERP_PERSONALIZED_DELIVERIES and the list has hundreds of digest members, it was consuming almost that entire 15 minutes trying to send them all before starting again. :-(

Still seems like DELIVERY_RETRY_WAIT should be fixed or removed, though. If it worked I'd increase it to several hours in my situation.