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Bug #558126 reported by anarcat on 2004-04-28
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[copy of the mail sent to -developpers@]

We developped a reliable solution for running lists
with the same name
on different domains on the same Mailman installation.

I implemented that on top of the Mailman 2.1.1-5.1
Debian stable
package. All that is needed is to patch 2 files
Mailman/ in the mailman install, and here
is the patch:

There's only one caveat right now:
Mailman/Cgi/ might need to
get patched too, but I haven't got around looking at it
yet, and it
"just works", for now.

I don't know what's the current status of virtual
hosting support on
Mailman, but this patch is a simple hack that should
bring joy in the
homes of all Mailman admins around the world. :)

I got my inspiration and part of the code from:

All it does is to add the domain to the internal_name()
of a list. The
real_name is kept as is, and the getListAddress() does
the Right Thing.

This makes Mailman generate aliases like:
"|/var/lib/mailman/mail/mailman post"

Care will have to be taken on the MTA side to map those
to <email address hidden>. We are using to manage
our server, so
we are using LDAP, so everything went pretty smoothly.
:) But I guess it
will require some magic on the Postfix side or something...



PS: for those wanting to see more, you can come to our

You'll probably have a little trouble finding your way
if you don't
read french though. :) Babelfish might help, haven't tried.

anarcat (anarcat-users) wrote :

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I have ported the patch to 2.1.4, no news on 2.1.5 yet. I
have also put the patch in a seperate CVS server. Fetch all
the goods there:

I've also updated the 2.1.1 patch to fix the list-id, so I
delete the attachment, fetch the patch straight from our CVS
for the latest fixes.

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I ported the patch to mailman 2.1.5 :

minfrin (minfrin-users) wrote :

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I tried the patch at and it
applied cleanly to mailman as provided by RHEL4.

I tried to create a list called "<email address hidden>", but this
failed with the error "Error: List name must not include "@"".

Does this patch have any sort of instructions anywhere?

tbble (tbble) wrote :

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minfrin, create it as
or try this patch:
diff -urNad mailman-2.1.5/Mailman/Cgi/
--- mailman-2.1.5/Mailman/Cgi/ 2006-04-22
20:58:10.324872941 +1000
+++ /tmp/dpep.bPHYjm/mailman-2.1.5/Mailman/Cgi/
2006-04-22 21:13:31.596133649 +1000
@@ -184,7 +184,7 @@
         oldmask = os.umask(002)
- mlist.Create(listname, owner, pw, langs,
+ mlist.Create("%s@%s" % (listname,hostname),
owner, pw, langs, emailhost)
         except Errors.EmailAddressError, s:

Which will add the '@domain' to the listname before passing
it to mlist.Create, which the patch changes to deal with '@'
the way we want.

tbble (tbble) wrote :

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Crud, wrapping... The changes are all on one line.

s0undt3ch (s0undt3ch-users) wrote :

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+1 for this patch

fgillig (fgillig) wrote :

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I search this patch for mailman 2.1.9 ... (fc5).

Anyone can help ?

tbble (tbble) wrote :

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Grab mailman-vh-2.1.7.patch from, it applies fine to 2.1.9.

minfrin (minfrin-users) wrote :

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The site is now down - does anyone have a copy of the mailman-vh-2.1.7.patch anywhere?

anarcat (anarcat-users) wrote :

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The patch is online in our wiki:

Note that the v3 of mailman now supports this out of the box, although it's in alpha, as far as I understand.

selsky (selsky-users) wrote :

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Is this forward compatible with Mailman 3?

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