Comment 17 for bug 328353

Mark Sapiro (msapiro) wrote :

Beginning with Mailman 2.1.11, there is a cull_bad_shunt cron which by default deletes any shunt queue entries older than a week.

You have to examine each of the shunted messages with bin/dumpdb to know what the message is and to where it will be unshunted. The particular message that you unshunted that wound up being held as a non-member post was probably shunted for a different reason. You can check mailman's error log for the 'base name' (the file name without the .pck extension) to see why it was shunted.

If there is no 'whichq' the message will be unshunted to the 'in' queue by default. But something is wrong. Can you find the error log entries for those shunted messages. It is a different issue.

Note that the problem you had originally with messages shunted during archiving may have been fixed between 2.1.12rc2 and 2.1.12, so it is not surprising that those 'archive' queue shunted messages aren't there.