Comment 0 for bug 266003

M-a (m-a) wrote :


I am running Mailman 2.1.3 (stable) with Postfix 2.0.16-20031022.
It seems to be running fine with the VERP patch (it is comfortably
surprising to see how much Mailman has matured since the
unusable 1.1 version - I hated 1.1 but I do like 2.1! You've done
wonderful work.)

However I have one problem that I cannot resolve myself:

Mailman apparently does not parse Postfix' delayed notification
which is apparently RFC-1894 conformant (Postfix hasn't been
updated to RFC-3464 yet).

On superficial inspection, it looks as though Mailman's
Bouncers/ should handle it and return "Stop", as but I'm
getting this "uncaught bounce" message which I interpret as
"haven't figured anything reasonable from this bounce".

The unintelligible bounce is attached and has had mail addresses
changed (sed) and the delayed mail header removed for privacy
reasons. I can provide the full message to a developer on request,
but I cat not put it into a public bug tracker.

The MIME structure of Postfix' delay notification is:

1 multipart/report
1.1 text/plain
1.2 message/delivery-status
1.3 text/rfc822-headers

The message/delivery-status part has "Action: delayed" in the 2nd

header block. See for yourself.

Am I misunderstanding Mailman
or is Mailman misunderstanding Postfix?

Thanks in advance.