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Ruslan Kabalin (rkabalin) wrote :

This bug is related to this one:

I have applied several patches that assure proper file upload error handling and introduced MAX_FILE_SIZE hidden field wherever filebrowser pieform is used (this is applied to master, sorry for not mentioning this patch in the commit message):

    976451f83 filebrowser: File upload errors are not catched (bug #634147)
    2b6daab1c filebrowser: introduced MAX_FILE_SIZE hidden field
    88881404a Consider that post_max_size is the whole POST content (bug #634829)
    79e4e6bcb comment: add_feedback_form_submit function refactoring
    3dd0e821d pieforms: new filesize parameter in file-related elements
    461c86dbd comment: define MAX_FILE_SIZE for attachments
    f11ccc937d comment: exit from add_feedback_form_submit in case of quota exception

Though there is still a case when user will not get an error. If post-max-size error is triggered, it will not be processed properly. I have created another bug for this problem: