Installing Mahara in German results in password error

Bug #1952493 reported by Kristina Hoeppner
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Status tracked in 22.04

Bug Description

When I install Mahara in German, I get the following error message (also see attachment for highlighted version):

[WAR] 35 (lib/mahara.php:1589) sprintf(): Too few arguments
Call stack (most recent first):
log_message("sprintf(): Too few arguments", 8, true, true, "/home/kristina/code/mahara/htdocs/lib/mahara.php", 1589) at /home/kristina/code/mahara/htdocs/lib/errors.php:515
error(2, "sprintf(): Too few arguments", "/home/kristina/code/mahara/htdocs/lib/mahara.php", 1589, array(size 3)) at Unknown:0
sprintf("Muss Großbuchstaben [A-Z], Kleinbuchstaben [a-z],...") at /home/kristina/code/mahara/htdocs/lib/mahara.php:1589
format_langstring("Muss Großbuchstaben [A-Z], Kleinbuchstaben [a-z],...", array(size 0), "de.utf8") at /home/kristina/code/mahara/htdocs/lib/mahara.php:596
get_string_location("passworddescription1.ulns", "mahara", array(size 0)) at /home/kristina/code/mahara/htdocs/lib/mahara.php:336
get_string("passworddescription1.ulns", "mahara") at /home/kristina/code/mahara/htdocs/lib/mahara.php:6016
get_password_policy_description("user") at /home/kristina/code/mahara/htdocs/auth/lib.php:1390
auth_check_required_fields() at /home/kristina/code/mahara/htdocs/auth/lib.php:547
auth_setup() at /home/kristina/code/mahara/htdocs/init.php:424
require("/home/kristina/code/mahara/htdocs/init.php") at /home/kristina/code/mahara/htdocs/index.php:16

To replicate in Chrome / Chromium:

1. Click the *Open and customize Google Chrome* icon.
2. In the search bar at the top, type 'Language'. The search results are highlighted.
3. Click the *Add languages* link.
4. Search or browse to the language that you want to add and select its check box.
5. Click the *Add* button. You are returned to the settings screen.
6. Click the *More actions* icon next to the language that you want to make your primary language.
7. Select the option *Move to the top*. Your changes are saved immediately.
8. Install Mahara. Double check that it is in German by checking that you see the install button as 'Mahara installieren'. Not everything on the install page is translated.
9. Once the installation is done, click the link 'Weiter' at the bottom of the page.


- Expected: I can enter the password for the admin account.
- Actual: I see the above error message but can still enter the password.

Revision history for this message
Kristina Hoeppner (kris-hoeppner) wrote :
Revision history for this message
Kristina Hoeppner (kris-hoeppner) wrote :

One of the password description strings contained % which threw Mahara as it wasn't escaped. We removed it from the list of possible symbols. While it is OK to use as a special character, not all special characters are listed and thus it was easy to just leave out.

Revision history for this message
Kristina Hoeppner (kris-hoeppner) wrote :

The fix will be included in the langpack when it is generated next and thus doesn't have to wait until the release of a minor point version. The tagging is just done so that it conforms to our release pattern.

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