Comment 0 for bug 1734169

We need to make a series of changes in Mahara to comply with the GDPR. More info is available on the wiki at

We need to be able to add explicit consent boxes / Yes/No switches to the T&C. These should come at the end of the site agreement and the institution agreement if needed to make it clear in which section consent is given.

The consent should be configurable by site and institution admins as that may change. It also needs to be versioned and the consent date and time recorded as well as the wording to which a user consented to. This could become a report in the administration area. In future it would also be good for the user to see reports that show the data that was collected for them, but that is not the focus here.

For the MVP, users would need to consent to all items for an account to be created. If they leave out any items, they will receive a modal letting them know that their account won't be able to be created and that they have two choices:

1. Revise their selection / double-check that they didn't miss anything by accident
2. Send a message to their institution administrator(s) letting them know why they don't want to consent to a particular item so that the institution can then deal with that. The easiest might be a message field directly on that screen so a message can be dispatched to all institution admins for the institution in which the user is a member / wanting to be a member or if there are no institutions or there is no institution admin, contact the site admin. This behavior should be similar to what we currently see when we have pending registrations: All institution admins receive a message and if there is none, the site admin receives it.

It would be good to create a new admin menu item "Privacy" in which all privacy related items that require configuration and text changes can be collected. Then we could switch between site and specific institution information like we do on the "Institutions" screen.