Comment 3 for bug 1521818

Aaron Wells (u-aaronw) wrote :

I'd marked this as "medium" priority initially, because I thought it was caused by records in view_artefact not getting deleted (which requires kind of a convoluted set of steps to reach).

But now that I see it's actually about providing a wider scope of visibility than necessary, I'm raising the priority to "High". Because there could be a case where, for instance, a user has tagged half their blog entries "public" and the other half "private", and uses this block to display the "public" ones.

Until we get the fix implemented, some possible workarounds are:

1. Organize your journal entries into multiple separate journals and use the "Recent posts" or "Journal" blocks to display them instead of "tagged posts".

2. Use the "unpublish" button to revert sensitive journal entries to "Draft" status so they won't be visible.

3. Display lists of tagged journal entries using multiple "Journal entry" blocks.