Comment 1 for bug 1521818

Aaron Wells (u-aaronw) wrote :

Hi Stephane,

Thanks for the bug report!

It appears that what's going on is that the "Tagged journal entries" block puts the artefact ID for the entire journal, into the "view_artefacts" table that we use for checking permissions. So if a journal contains even a single tagged journal entry that gets shown in that block, then they also get access to every other journal entry in that block, even the ones that don't have a matching tag. (Of course they have to know the URL for the journal

This is a bug in core, and I've verified that it's still present up through 16.04dev.

I think this *might* have been a decision that was done on purpose, because if you notice, the tagged journal entries block does have a live link to the journal itself, next to the title of the journal entry. Likewise, the journal artefact detail page also have a live link to the journal itself, with the full list of journal entries in it.

But I think I agree with you that it violates Mahara's normal privacy policy, which is that other people can't see any of your content unless you explicitly share it. I'll have to give some thought about what to do with those links, though. It would be a poor user experience if we display these friendly links, and then when you click on them you see "Access Denied" or the transient login page. Maybe we can add some logic that makes the journal entry title not-linked, unless you have access to the entire journal.