Comment 9 for bug 1374674

Aaron Wells (u-aaronw) wrote :


I did some issues, which we can address in further bugs/patches. Here is a list of things to fix:

Need to fix before 15.04.0:
1. The "Add page to watchlist" link needs to update to "Remove page from watchlist" when we display the new comment via AJAX. Currently it doesn't change til you reload the page.

2. Putting feedback on a page shouldn't add the page to your watchlist, if you are the page owner.

3. Feature only half-works for group pages, site pages, and institution pages. It adds the page to your watchlist, but you don't receive feedback notifications for the page. We need to either make it work all the way for group, institution, and site pages, OR make it so that it doesn't add the page to your watchlist for those pages.

Additional things it would be good to fix:

1. In the inbox, the "From" says "System". It should say the name of the commenter. Or at least the name of the commenter should be in the message somewhere. Currently the message just has the text of the comment and the page title, but not who left the comment.

2. Send out a notification to page watchers when a private comment is made public. (or when a moderated comment is approved)

3. Text on the notification email to tell watchers that they received this email because they're watching the page, and they can unwatch the page to unsubscribe.

4. Make it work for group pages, site pages, and institution pages. Make sure that people who would receive a feedback notification already, for each of these page types, do not get the page redundantly added to their watchlist. (Sort of like how the page owner of a user page, shouldn't get their own page added to their watchlist). For group pages, the "already notified" list is a setting in the group config. For institution pages, it's site & institution admins (and staff?). For site pages, it's site admins (& staff?)