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Bug #1302297 reported by shanen on 2014-04-04
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Hi All,

I was just looking for my CV portfolio in my list of many pages, and wished I could have rated it with 5 stars (as in importance not how good it is), so that I could sort my list by rating of importance.

Alternatively or in addition to I thought I'd like to sort by most used. There are a couple of pages I use all the time - but it takes me ages to find them. Searching is ok but I don't jump to that immediately, and besides I think a sort option is faster - and whatever saves me time is what I look for.

Anyway, thanks.

Tobias Zeuch (tobias-zeuch-8) wrote :

Hi Shane,

in our installation we use a quick filter by tags: For any tag assigned to any of the pages in the list a button is placed atop of the list that filters the lists by the corresponding tag. The advantage is, that the tags are already there, all it takes on code side is the filter in the view. Stars would need to be stored additionally and I'm not sure where to take the used-ness of a page from.

When we discuss the ideas for tags initiated by Gregor in the last developer meeting, I will describe the idea for discussion and create a patch, if people are interested.


Thanks Tobias,

I think existing data could be used to gain some increased user friendliness without adding more data.
For example some ways to order pages (with a reverse order function) might be:

Most edited (sensible default that would raise currently worked on pages to the top)
Creation date
A-Z 0-9
Most viewed
Most comments
(other crazy ideas)


I've added a patch for this with the sorting:

-no sort- (this does the default A-Z sorting + special pages that bubble to the top)
Lasted created
Latest modified
Most visited
Most comments



Changed in mahara:
assignee: nobody → Robert Lyon (robertl-9)
milestone: none → 1.10.0
status: New → In Progress
importance: Undecided → Medium

This is awesome Robert! So many times I have wished for this so I can find my pages more easily - eg when in front of students and I just created a page then couldn't find it easily again a minute later.

Totally fantastic.

In terms of wording, some thoughts:

Lasted created -> Date Created
Latest modified -> Last Modified (Could we add Last Accessed as well - i.e. the pages I accessed whether or not I modified them)
Most visited (when sorting like this stats could show along with pages and detail secret URL visits versus internal visits)
Most comments (Could add most recent comments (a dear colleague thought of this gem!)

Also we wonder about the social aspect - e.g. Most Copied.

What you have is great, these are some suggestions to build on.


PS, my colleague also thought that she wouldn't think -no sort- meant A-Z, so perhaps no sort could be renamed A-Z?

PSS, I know user viewable stats are a whole new area and could be a feature in itself.
Putting some stats against a page based on the sort type, is this something that can be done in this wishlist, or would I need to create a new one?

Robert Lyon (robertl-9) wrote :

Hi Shane,

I think I'll drop the '-no sort-' string to be just blank.

Currently the way the system works the pages are ordered alphabetical but with some special ones bubbling to the top of the list (like group homepage or dashboard) and I don't think we need another search option a-z as it would essentially be duplication.

User viewable stats would be a different request so would need to be a new bug report/wishlist item.

Sorting the pages by the most recent comment will also be kinda tricky so could be a wishlist item by itself.

Submitter: Son Nguyen (<email address hidden>)
Branch: master

commit f9c36d0e5a9d84fbaf1e8d10420d0890a45187eb
Author: Robert Lyon <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Jul 23 10:47:06 2014 +1200

Adding sort options for the page list (Bug #1302297);

Added options to sort by:
- latest created
- latest modified
- most visited
- most feedback

Change-Id: I382101dc4b226555876fbd42ccd97a0bae77d155
Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon <email address hidden>

Thanks for this Robert,
I have pulled down trunk to my laptop and tested the patch.
My first impressions are that this is very useful and students will like it.
In terms of my user expectations two thoughts occurred, one was that I expected the sort to action without having to click search.
The second was that I wanted a way to make my selection default, IE that the list was always sorted by most recently changed if that suited how I worked. But also a way to change the default.


Hi Shane,

I created wishlist item bug #1360535 and for the two things you mention. It's not possible to put these into 1.10 as it is too late. But it's something to look into in the future.

Putting infrastructure in place for setting a default search order could also be used elsewhere, e.g. groups or maybe even have some defaults on the "Shared with me" page.

As for the search that updates immediately, we don't do that in Mahara yet in general and that's why I opened a wishlist item for that because it should be implemented consistently across the board and not only in one area. We'd need to make sure that it also works on mobile devices and is accessible.

Please feel free to open other wishlist items or add your comments to the ones I opened.


Changed in mahara:
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tags: added: nominatedfeature

forgot to mention the other wishlist item: bug #1360536 - that's the one for the search

I changed the title of this to better reflect what was implemented. If something has not yet been done that you still with to have done and that hasn't gotten a new wishlist item yet, please create one.

summary: - Wishlist - self star rate my portfolios
+ Sort portfolio pages on portfolio page overview
Aaron Wells (u-aaronw) on 2014-10-21
Changed in mahara:
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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