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Bug #1894116: Machines can't be deployed after deselecting all archs in the "Ubuntu extra architectures" package repo Undecided New 13 weeks

From: Victor Tapia
Link: arches-repo.patch


Bug #1890803: Groovy amd64 / arm64 / PowerPC deployment seems not working High Triaged 23 weeks

From: Dimitri John Ledkov
Link: fix-fstab.patch


Bug #1881655: Can't deploy focal KVM hosts High Triaged 26 weeks

From: Victor Tapia
Link: 0001-UI-Add-Focal-as-a-KVM-host-option.patch


Bug #1881133: DNS Servers not set as expected High Fix Committed 33 weeks

From: Victor Tapia
Link: 0001-Use-rack-and-not-region-IP-addresses-for-DNS-when-possible.patch


Bug #1867350: Race in packer build using vmware-esxi.json Undecided Fix Committed 45 weeks

From: Liam Young
Link: workarund.diff

The workaround patch

Bug #1773150: [2.4.0~rc1] smartctl verify fails due to Unicode in Disk Vendor Name Medium Triaged 47 weeks

From: Marcus Gaskamp
Link: smartctl.patch


Bug #1840491: API does not prefetch boot_disk High Triaged 60 weeks

From: Lee Trager
Link: lp1840491.patch


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