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Bug Description

I have a new maas server and newly added machine. I was attempting to modify the physical network interfaces and set them to static IPs via the gui, but I could not change any part of the devices. In the gui I received the error "tags: Item 0 in the array did not validate: This field cannot be null." This is the case when the machine is in the NEW or READY or ALLOCATED states.

I have tried deleting the machine and adding it again via PXE, and the result is the same for both interfaces. I can add an additional vlan interface successfully or disconnect/reconnect the interface, but changes to the physical interface config such as adding tags, changing the IP mode or even making no changes and just hitting save result in the exact same error every time.

Using the cli, I was eventually able to set the ip mode to DHCP using this command. I did have to use force=True, otherwise it just added a new eth1.1 alias with the config.
sudo maas admin interface link-subnet td8t43 eth1 mode=DHCP subnet="10.XX.XX.0/17" force=True

Steps to reproduce:
1. Add new machine via pxe
2. while it is in the NEW state, attempt to update the net config in the gui to use a static or dhcp IP and save.
3. Note the error.
4. Commission the machine
5. Again, attempt to update the net config. Note the error.

Expected behavior:
I should be able to change the network settings of the physical device using the gui.

I don't know if this is related, but I have specificed kernel parameters "net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0" in order to use old style network names. I also have a fabric with an untagged vlan for the private network and a vlan for the public. I have also previously worked with this machine using maas 2.3 and the same network, and did not have any similar issues.

I'm using a snap install.
maas 2.7.0-8233-g.a7907fcc4 4940 2.7 canonical
maas-cli 0.6.5 13 stable canonical

Stack trace from regiond.log for the gui errors is attached, and mildly redacted fabric, subnet and interface configs from cli (from before I set the mode with the cli). This stack trace is identical no matter what the attempted change was.

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Adam Nave (xcorvis) wrote :
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Adam Nave (xcorvis) wrote :
Alberto Donato (ack)
tags: added: ui
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eXtace (djandruczyk) wrote :

I am seeing the same problem when trying to edit an interface for a recently commissioned machine. The stack trace from the reporter is the same for me as well.

Running maas 2.7.0-8232-g.6e1dba4ab-0ubuntu1~18.04.1 from the ubuntu PPA

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Maksim (ogremax) wrote :

Same problem.
2.7.0 (8232-g.6e1dba4ab-0ubuntu1~18.04.1)

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Juan Pablo Vargas Soruco (juanpablovargas) wrote :

Here is a work around that I used.

1. Install jq, is like sed for json.

sudo apt install jq

2. Then execute this to obtain host Ids

maas admin machines read | jq ".[] | \
{hostname:.hostname, system_id: .system_id, status:.status}" --compact-output

3. On each host you want to configure, Where c8c3w is the id of the host, this will get You the Ids of the NICs.

maas admin interfaces read c8c3ew | jq ".[] | \
{,, mac:.mac_address, vid:.vlan.vid, fabric:.vlan.fabric}" --compact-output

4. Then You can configure the interfaces on the vlan/subnet of your choice. 9 is the id of the NIC

maas admin interface link-subnet c8c3ew 9 mode=DHCP subnet="192.168.xx.0/24" force=True

5. If you want to create Bonds

maas admin interfaces create-bond c8c3ew name=bond0 \
parents=9 parents=14 \
bond_mode=active-backup \
bond_updelay=200 bond_downdelay=200 mtu=9000

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Ram Meena (ram.meena) wrote :

Isn't there any temp workaround by changing a small piece of code?

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Hakan Saplakoglu (hakasapl) wrote :

Some more information:
When a tag exists there seems to be the issue. If I remove the tag from the CLI (doesn't let me from the web UI) using

maas admin interface remove-tag <machineid> <interface> tag=sriov

I can then edit whatever I want including the static IP through the web UI.

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Sean Feole (sfeole) wrote :

I was able to set the static ip via,

maas server-maas interface link-subnet kecx4s 241 mode=STATIC ip_address="XX.XX.XX.XX" subnet="XX.XX.XX.XX" default_gateway="XX.XX.XX.XX" subnet="XX.XX.XX.XX/21" force=True -d

Which is also outlined in comment# 5

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assignee: nobody → Caleb Ellis (caleb-ellis)
milestone: none → 2.8.0rc1
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Alberto Donato (ack)
Changed in maas:
milestone: 2.8.0b3 → 2.8.0rc1
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Igor Gnip (igorgnip) wrote :

Is this going to be fixed in 2.7 ?

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Igor Gnip (igorgnip) wrote :

Any chance to backport this to 2.7 urgently ?

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Igor Gnip (igorgnip) wrote :

2.7 ?

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Caleb Ellis (caleb-ellis) wrote :

Yes we will be backporting this fix to 2.7

Alberto Donato (ack)
Changed in maas:
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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Ventsislav Georgiev (vgeorgiev) wrote :

We've encountered this problem when we update MaaS.
Current MAAS version: 2.7.1~beta1 (8260-g.c0c9e2acd-0ubuntu1~18.04.1)
I'm unable to find this MAAS 2.7.1rc1 as listed above.

The solution for "maas admin interface remove-tag <machineid> <interface> tag=sriov" works just fine, but this is not optimal long term.

Any updates on this?

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Ventsislav Georgiev (vgeorgiev) wrote :

A 'rc' is nowhere to be found on the ppa:2.7 repo.

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dann frazier (dannf) wrote :

I hit this on 2.7 today as well, upgraded to 2.8 to get passed it.

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