Comment 1 for bug 1509535

Jeffrey C Jones (trapnine) wrote :

This is a design / form units / GIGO issue.
The creation UI is working correctly, but not very helpfully.
Basically we need more sig figs or to also show/input the sizes in MB or bytes.

Details: The UI shows the device having 128.0 GB of available space, and pre-fills 128.0GB on partition creation. But the device actually has 128.035676160 GB free, leaving leaving the 0.03+GB (~31 MB) free after the precisely sized 128.000 GB partition is created.

So it boils down to two problems:
- you're shown a rounded large-unit value for available size, hiding actual size
- you're pre-filled the same rounded large-value unit in the form, hiding error

MB, GB and TB are selectable on the input form, so one could specify in MB, which is probably close enough. But the user can't see how many MB (or bytes) are free so wouldn't know what to provide.

We need to make a decision here about units. Two options come to mind:

1) - display the sizes in MB or bytes (with humanized values still shown for convenience)
   - allow and pre-fill input on the form in MB or bytes

2) Show and/or pre-fill with enough sig figs to provide MB accuracy - like 128.035 GB or 2.000005 TB

Hard to decide which way is more annoying to the end user.