Comment 8 for bug 1508741

Andres Rodriguez (andreserl) wrote :

09:50 < ivoks> roaksoax: so, here's how they have set it up
09:51 < ivoks> roaksoax: they have a laptop with wifi and ethernet. ethernet is bridged and MAAS is connected to that bridge. that network is
               used as management network, and they also access to ipmi over that network
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09:51 < ivoks> roaksoax: another maas' interface is connected over standard libvirt default network
09:52 < ivoks> roaksoax: and when they unplug cable from laptop, all machines in maas show up as powered on
09:52 < ivoks> roaksoax: to me, this looks like a timeout/broken route

11:27 < ivoks> roaksoax: that's the first thing i checked
11:27 < ivoks> roaksoax: it takes 15-30 seconds, and returns ok
11:27 < ivoks> roaksoax: doing it with api/cli results in
11:27 < ivoks> 17:21 < ivoks> [11:44:16] and if it doesn't have access to ipmi, 'query-power-state' for the node returns 'successs, powered on'