Clicking "Edit" node details and clicking "check now" for power status in the ui 1.9.0 (alpha3+bzr4345) results in redirection to http://xx.xx.xx.xx/MAAS/#/nodes

Bug #1502435 reported by Ryan Collis on 2015-10-03
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Blake Rouse

Bug Description

After upgrading to 1.9.0 (alpha3+bzr4345) the web ui seems to have some bugs. On the node details page when the power status (check now) is clicked, the ui redirects to the main nodes page ( http://xx.xx.xx.xx/MAAS/#/nodes). The same result is observed when clicking on the node details "edit" button.

When using the mobile ui the menu icon in the top right hand corner does not display the menu selections but instead refreshes the main node listings page ( http://xx.xx.xx.xx/MAAS/#/nodes).

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Blake Rouse (blake-rouse) wrote :

This is an issue with the JS crashing on the page and failing.

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Andres Rodriguez (andreserl) wrote :

Can you please try to reproduce this with 1.9.0alpha4 ? In the meantime I'm marking this as incomplete. If this is still being experience,d please, mark it as New.

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status: Triaged → Incomplete
Ryan Collis (vyan) wrote :

Andres.. I can confirm that the issue remains after upgrading 2 version1.9.0 (alpha4+bzr4371). I will try a complete purge and reinstall and confirm if it is still an issue.

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Ryan Collis (vyan) wrote :

On a fresh install of 1.9.0 (alpha4+bzr4371) Wily, the issue still remains. I have also reproduced the issue using Trusty/Firefox, Mac OS X 10.10.4/Safari and Chrome, Android Lollipop/Chrome via the mobile ui.

Ryan Collis (vyan) wrote :
Download full text (8.8 KiB)

For what it may be worth Ubuntu / Chrome developer console shows a repeated angular.js error (Error: $rootScope:infdig
Infinite $digest Loop) on node details page. Full output below

Error: [$rootScope:infdig] 10 $digest() iterations reached. Aborting!
Watchers fired in the last 5 iterations: [["fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 723; oldVal: 722","fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 723; oldVal: 722","fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 2886; oldVal: 2882","fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 723; oldVal: 722"],["fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 724; oldVal: 723","fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 724; oldVal: 723","fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 2890; oldVal: 2886","fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 724; oldVal: 723"],["fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 725; oldVal: 724","fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 725; oldVal: 724","fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 2894; oldVal: 2890","fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 725; oldVal: 724"],["fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 726; oldVal: 725","fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 726; oldVal: 725","fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 2898; oldVal: 2894","fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 726; oldVal: 725"],["fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 727; oldVal: 726","fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 727; oldVal: 726","fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 2902; oldVal: 2898","fn: $watchCollectionWatch; newVal: 727; oldVal: 726"]]$rootScope/infdig?p0=10&p1=%5B%5B%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%20723%3B%20oldVal%3A%20722%22%2C%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%20723%3B%20oldVal%3A%20722%22%2C%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%202886%3B%20oldVal%3A%202882%22%2C%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%20723%3B%20oldVal%3A%20722%22%5D%2C%5B%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%20724%3B%20oldVal%3A%20723%22%2C%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%20724%3B%20oldVal%3A%20723%22%2C%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%202890%3B%20oldVal%3A%202886%22%2C%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%20724%3B%20oldVal%3A%20723%22%5D%2C%5B%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%20725%3B%20oldVal%3A%20724%22%2C%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%20725%3B%20oldVal%3A%20724%22%2C%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%202894%3B%20oldVal%3A%202890%22%2C%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%20725%3B%20oldVal%3A%20724%22%5D%2C%5B%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%20726%3B%20oldVal%3A%20725%22%2C%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%20726%3B%20oldVal%3A%20725%22%2C%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%202898%3B%20oldVal%3A%202894%22%2C%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%20726%3B%20oldVal%3A%20725%22%5D%2C%5B%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%20727%3B%20oldVal%3A%20726%22%2C%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%20727%3B%20oldVal%3A%20726%22%2C%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%202902%3B%20oldVal%3A%202898%22%2C%22fn%3A%20%24watchCollectionWatch%3B%20newVal%3A%20727%3B%20oldVal%3A%20726%22%5D%5D angularjs:2:1013
Error: [$rootScope:infdig] 10 $digest() ...


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