Comment 0 for bug 1463555

Christian Reis (kiko) wrote :

When a MAAS cluster controller is configured with multiple interfaces and none of them are set to manage DHCP and DNS, deploying a node can fail with something like this appearing in the install log:

--2015-06-09 19:15:13--
Connecting to failed: No route to host.

This specific cluster controller has interfaces like this:

The node in question was given an IP address on the network, so the correct cluster controller interface that should have been returned was eth0. Instead the code in pick_cluster_controller_address() guessed lxcbr0, which was not reachable from the network -- keep in mind in this situation the cluster controller isn't the router. See for the code in question.

The first solution to this problem is probably to find the right network for the IP address allocated to the node; the code scans for the MAC address within DHCPLease, but that won't work if DHCP is managed externally. Instead it should be looking at the IP address handed to the node and matching it with the cluster controller interface.

If that proves impossible to make work reliably, then perhaps there should be a way to specify exactly which cluster interface a node boots from (which would override what pick_cluster_controller_address() does).