Comment 4 for bug 1287224

Dustin Kirkland  (kirkland) wrote :


+1 on removing profanity.

This bug is not as much about creating "memorable" machine names.

It's just about creating machine names that one can pronounce.

It's really hard and ugly to say, "Hey Gavin, can you SSH into sdfknz?" Versus, "Hey Gavin, can you check port 80 on sidewalls?"

It's just as nasty to talk about or 06913234-d127-46bb-85eb-13d8fa8d0022.openstack.

We can do better in MAAS!

73K words should be plenty enough in my mind. However, we should safely handle overage. There are a few simply options here. After exhausting all of those words, just start combining them, like $word1-$word2. 73K*73K is about 5 billion. Or just go random or enumerate after that.

+1 on creating a curated list of words from some good wordlists. Something with a couple of thousand words would be fine. I'm happy to pull this together, as long as we generally agree with the goals and the goodness of it :-)