Comment 14 for bug 1287224

Dustin Kirkland  (kirkland) wrote :

So sabdfl had two pieces of additional feedback on the friendly-name scheme.

1) the user-configurable wordlists [/etc/maas/adjectives.txt, /etc/maas/nouns.txt] need to be loaded into the database, per our config-in-the-db directive; (admin can manually run a script or press a button to reload those, if they modify them)

2) sabdfl wants a new table of deleted hostname/mac mappings; when a node is deleted, its hostname and mac go into the deleted list; when a node gets added, we first check that deleted-nodes table for a matching mac, and pop its hostname out of that table and use it; the goal is having "stable" hostnames, for machines that we've seen before (like garage maas, orange boxes, etc.)