Comment 0 for bug 1068843

Context is the QA lab

In one VM I have the region-controller (RC) where: is the api/webui is the RC's provisioning server

On another VM I have a cluster-controller (CC) where is the CC's provisioning server is the interface connected to the RC network

The 21.x and 20.x networks don't have access to each other.

When I install the CC, I set up the API to

When the CC is registered to the RC and and dhcpd.conf file is written, I get this:

subnet netmask {
       filename "pxelinux.0";
       option subnet-mask;
       option broadcast-address;
       option domain-name-servers;
       option routers;
       range dynamic-bootp;

When the nodes in the 20.x network are booted, they can reach the DHCP server but can't reach the provisioning server.
If I change the next-server value to, the nodes can't find the images.

Looks like when the CC is registered, the images in the RC should be sent to the CC, so it can serve them to the nodes in its network.