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Bug #1504613: Plugin bzr_compatible_versions only reports compatibility through Bazaar 2.5.0 Undecided New 137 weeks

From: Kevin Bulgrien
Link: patch (CAVEAT: bzr_plugin_version should change too)

Bug #1015972: Run as managed FastCGI application Low Triaged 309 weeks

From: alexander smishlajev

Rus as "normal" FastCGI if host and port options are not present

Bug #940923: Line numbers don't align on iPhone Low Triaged 312 weeks

From: Brian de Alwis
Link: lp-940923.patch

Patch to view.css

Bug #869309: If folders in repository have unicode names, sometimes I get KeyError Critical Fix Committed 346 weeks

From: rsk

Bug #376586: IndexError: in Critical Triaged 471 weeks

From: Peter Bui
Link: patch

Described workaround

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