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Kevin Bulgrien (kevin-bulgrien-z) wrote : Re: LocalTransport have readonly+ in the file path

Regarding the comment about serve-branches being not really maintained... and that the plugin is the recommended way, I worry a bit about the plugin... as it contains code that might assert --allow-writes behind my back:

$ cd /path/to/python2.7/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins/loggerhead
$ grep --context=3 readonly
        if port is None:
            port = DEFAULT_PORT
        argv = ['--host', host, '--port', str(port), '--', transport.base]
        if not transport.is_readonly():
            argv.insert(0, '--allow-writes')
        config = LoggerheadConfig(argv)
                    if allow_writes:
                        transport = get_transport(path)
                        transport = get_transport('readonly+' + path)
                    serve_http(transport, host, port)
                    super(cmd_serve, self).run(*args, **kw)