Comment 5 for bug 571147

Daniel Holbach (dholbach) wrote :

Alan: this bug is specifically about the need of venues to be categorised, ie to make a specific venue easier to find in the list of venues when creating an event. There's also bug 570619 for the categorisation of LoCo teams, ie: find a LoCo team near you more easily.

Additionally stating that "this is quite broken" is 1) not a really useful comment and 2) not quite motivating for people who spend their spare time on this project and 3) far from offering a useful way of solving this problem.

As these two categorisation bugs have been filed by developers of the application, we realise that things are suboptimal, but we also realise that they are a result of how the application grew by the demands.

If you have specific ideas how specific changes would make things easier in the future, we sure would appreciate that.

Apart from that, I think it's quite rude to fire (and probably forget) such a comment without even subscribing to the bug report.