Comment 7 for bug 570613

Scott Moser (smoser) wrote :

> Actually the team who have created the name for their event " Maverick
> Release Party - East side" is the Ubuntu-Michigan team. Teams name their
> events however they chose.

Right, so the code is not at fault for picking a bad name. The result is the same.

> United States
> Maverick Release Party - East Side
> West Michigan Ubuntu 10.10 Release Party
> If you click into either of them you get the team details.

Right again. However, if there are 500 entries there (which I would think is the goal), the user has no other organizational information on which ones might be near them other than this arbitrary string. Suggesting that I click on each of the 500 entries and look at details, and manually determine if this party is close to me, is very much like suggesting that I "go take a hike". The end result will be that I don't find a party.

I'm sorry for sounding like a jerk, I'm just trying to convey the experience. I had this first hand when I was traveling during the 10.04 release, and wanted to find a nearby party. I didn't know the area at all, I wouldn't have been able to determine if a location was nearby or not. But, I could easily have pointed to my location on a map (or even let GPS/geo-locate do it for me). The site was the only thing that was useful.

I realize you're trying to fix this correctly, and thats great. I realize that a.) this is a feature not a bug b.) people have other things to do with their time.

Overall, I really like the release party stuff. Thanks for the hard work.