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phonixor (phonixor) wrote :

- not all my files are everywhere
- my favorite programs/setting are @home
- net-books are to sexy
- laptops are to light
- i don't have install rights @school
- they don't have ubuntu at work (the sacrilege!!!)
- people are questioning my nerdyness

The ultimate USB stick, that allows you to run your own desktop and favorite apps anywhere!
- If you boot it it should act as a normal live usb distro, but this time one that will save any changes you make, and allows you to install stuff...
  (not sure how its now... i somehow failed to make one... will test later :P)
- portable ubuntu like if put in windows box, this will run ubuntu apps in windows!(described more in detail bellow)
  similar for mac if possible (though this is less important, cause there are just many more windows pc's out there, and you should shun mac users anyways!)
- if you put it in a foreign ubuntu machine, you should load a guest like account for ubuntu, but this time with your favorite settings
  (maybe also use the packages/programs on the usb if not on the host pc... might be a dependency hell... so you'll have to think about this :P)
All of these should make use of the same data!!!. you want all programs everywhere!!! and you want everything similar!!!

From this point it is just a better usb live implementation but Canonical is creating a new dropbox like service,
All the files (program settings, plugins etc..) (and maybe later packages, but that could be solved by my solotion bellow) should be synced by this service, so that if you lose your usb stick its not a complete disaster), and it makes integration with the desktop even more awesome (objective post are for noobs).
also this makes it possible to make full use of the ubuntu one features on a foreign computer, on windows environments!
(they werent planning on making any ports)
This also allows you to use ubuntu one on offline computers!!!, cause the moment you get home, all data is synced.

Stick it in UBUNTU!:
It would be great if not only your documents, but also your applications whould stay the same on your home pc.
what if once you add it into your ubuntu machine (or any ubuntu pc on which you have admin rights i guess..)
you can get the options:
sync the packages from my computer to the usb stick.
sync the packages from my usb stick to my computer (might be usefull for computers without internet connection).
clone this USB stick (make it viral!)
create a package/repository list document
(Space on an usb stick is limited, but once you get to an other computer, you should be able to select to install all packages from this list aswell
(you will download, this way cloning will also be possible for smaller usb sticks).

Stick it in Windows!/Mac!:
There should be an autorun.ini (something simular for mac) that opens a menu with the following options:
- startup portable ubuntu
- open file browser
- startup ubuntu as virtual box (for those who can't live without there favorite background)
- install as dual boot / full install / install portable ubuntu / clone me!
- stop bugging me! (close the window)
- remote desktop to my home pc (or a cloud version... more bellow :P) <--- maybe not really necessery... but still cool :P
  (this also gets you to use your remote desktops if you dont have the admin rights to install the tools you might otherwise need)
most of these options should have a radio button behind them to set them as the prefered action, so that the next time you insert the USB stick,
it wont open the damn menu, for this will become very annoying...
(implementation... make the autorun.ini run the .exe with a flag, that will auto pick the default setting, this way if you manualy click the .exe, it will open the menu again, so you can change the default, or pick an other action :P)

Boot it!:
- start default live session
- install normal ubuntu (you like to share ubuntu with the world, but you dont want to share your files)
- sync the usb stick to the computer (clone it :P) (though some additional options should be set here...)
- (the other options the live usb/ live cd offer :P)

Important/implementation stuff:
- the file system should not be supported by MAC OS X!! cause if you insert your USB stick in a mac hole, you'll garaunteed to get aids!!
  (2 files in every directory, that are supposed to store the map display settings or something... BAD MAC!!)
  instead the open file browser option in the menu should translate it.
  (though you need a very small one with the autorun and the menu of course :P)
- windows trash can's are also annoying... as are the .trash dirs made by ubuntu...
  (there only annoying if there empty... else its a nice feature of course :P)
  so it might be nice to do it here aswell, though its less mandatory...
- normally i prefere a seperate partition for /home/
  (cause ubuntu update still isnt good enough... this should be fixed :@!!!...
  it should be made that it will update everything to look exactly like a fresh install.. (unless you changed settings...))
  though on a usb stick you only have limited space...
  the /home/ partition could be FAT if you dont like the idea of having to depend on the menu option :P
  (might be an option during installiation of the usb stick, i seriously would prefere an unreadable one... (ext4 would do great i guess :P))
- ubuntu one program settings should also be synced, this is very important,
  and you dont want users to manualy add the folders of there programs to ubuntu one
  though of course they still should have this option
  so either add programs like pidgin and firefox and stuff auto to this list...
  or do the entire home dir (though that might get a little internet connection expencive, and you only have 2gb in a free ubuntu one account)
  and its kinda crazy to sink all your movies everywhere :P
  (there are some very cool streaming options for that...
  (might also be a nice addition to ubuntu one :P, instead of fully syncing a directory, just share the directory, but only if the computer is on... ))

please add these features in 9:10 :P

next step:
add android / ubuntu mobile / moblin app / iphone:
so that all the above works of your mobile phone!!,
including that your phone will become a wireless router/adaper/internet connection!

some urls from which i stole the ideas:
ubuntu applications in windows:
Android stuff:

Additional ideas:
i personally think this idea is very very very cool...
this could also help solve the nr 1 bug.
as it makes the threshold very low, cause you could sell it as a windows/mac application!!

sales stratagie for Canonical, sell the phone thing... but then fully configured already... (or an ubuntu phone :P)
or sell usb sticks that already have it installed and configured (including propetary formats and stuff)...
or sell usb stick+wireless+3g(or whatever network) combo...
all should include the free acount from ubunto one! (and you might want to combine the account with free 3g acces anywhere... much like kindle...)
Sync entire desktop to the cloud... (you should be able to remote login into this...)

Remember this will get you:
ALL your favorite apps fully configured everywhere!!!, never forget your passwords!!!, your msn convo's!!!
ALL your favorite files everywhere!!!
Your favorite OS everywhere!!!
full ubuntu one features everywhere!!!

much like though they didnt do much marketing around it... (least i never saw any commercials, or heared anything about it...
and, my cruzh usb stick, had something like this (but since i use ubuntu and it was windows only i removed it :P))

damn i sure hope i am the first with this brilliant idea....
you have no idea how damn loaded i could have been if i had been born like 10 years earlier :P
you have permision to drool now...
and breath... damn i am such a spammer...
also feel free to post any flame wars or other positive/constructive feedback :P
(brainstorm, hides comments by default, which i think is good but has its downsides :P)